Viola da gamba – Lorenz Duftschmid

Viola da gamba Docente: Lorenz Duftschmid

Master class
18 – 21 August 2016
C.E.U.B. – Bertinoro – Italy

This workshop is suitable for curious, beginners, instrument makers, lovers, newcomers, students and professionals. Participation is possible in an active or passive way.
All solo, Consort and / or mixed ensemble pieces for viola da gamba can be used in principle.
This includes, for example, diminutions by D. Ortiz, Dalla Casa, Salaverde and Rognoni, Canzoni by Frescobaldi, works by T. Hume, Chr. Simson, D. Buxtehude, J. Schenck, G.Ph. Telemann, G.Fr. Handel, J. S. and C.P.E. Bach and Ste Colombe, Sieur Demachy, M. Marais, L. de Caix d’ Hervelois and A. Forquerays.
In the morning is planned to work all together on technical issues, followed by individual lessons in presence of the entire group and on demand consort works by Byrd, Brade, Holborne, Dowland, Schein, Scheidt, Cabezon and other composers.

If there is a desire to work on specific pieces you are welcome to suggest it to Lorenz Duftschmid. He may also submit proposals and send you some scores.

If you have further questions about artistic contents, you can reach Professor Duftschmid personally at the email address

Attention: The maximum number of participants for each master class is limited.

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