Corsi e Progetti Speciali

18 – 21 August 2016

Scuola Musicale “Dante Alighieri” Bertinoro
C.E.U.B. – Bertinoro – Italy

in co-operation with:
Fondazione Alma Mater, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and the
Musikhochschule Trossingen Music University

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From 18th to 21st August 2016, placed at the CEUB Bertinoro, for the third time five Master Classes for Early Music will be organized in co-operation with three major European University Institutions: the Fondazione Alma Mater of Bologna (Italy), the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (Austria) and the Trossingen University of Music (Germany). The classes will be held as part of the 24th edition of the Summer Master Classes organized by the Musical Institute “Dante Alighieri” of Bertinoro.
Artistic Direction: Marco Ambrosini

Early Music for nyckelharpa / Schlüsselfidel / viola d’amore a chiavi
Solo and ensemble practice – From the Middle Ages to Baroque
Teacher: Marco Ambrosini
Languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish and English

Recorder – Flauto Diritto – Flûte à bec
Solo and ensemble practice – From the Middle Ages to Baroque
Teacher: Michael Posch
Languages: German and English

Viola da gamba
Teacher: Lorenz Duftschmid
Languages: Italian, German, Spanish and English

Teacher: Maria Luisa Baldassari
Solo and ensemble practice – From Renaissance to Baroque
Languages: Italian and English

Historical Dance – Dance and music, love and fiend
Teacher: Mareike Greb
Languages: German and English

The master classes are considered as a great opportunity to meet international musicians interested in the study and improvement of Early Music.

During the Masterclasses Nicoletta Guidobaldi, Professor of Musicology at Bologna University, will hold a Conference about Musical Iconography:

“Images of music. Prospects of Musical Iconography at the beginning of the third millenium”

The five teachers Marco Ambrosini, Michael Posch, Lorenz Duftschmid, Mareike Greb and Maria Luisa Baldassari are active not only as interpreters of international fame, but also as teachers in various European Music High Schools.

The master classes will begin Thursday, August 18th in the afternoon and end on Sunday, August 21st at noon.
On Saturday evening, the 20th of August students and teachers will perform together a concert in the Cathedral of Bertinoro.

Attention: The maximum number of participants for each master class is limited.
To register send your application including a brief CV to:

Download the APPLICATION FORM below to join the Early Music Master Class in co-operation with Fondazione Alma Mater, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and Musikhochschule Trossingen Music University:
The application form can be downloaded at:

You must fill the application form and send it via fax: +39 0543.444.651
or by e-mail to:
It is essential to confirm your booking by phone at +39 0543.444.309


• Regular participants:
€ 160 / Auditors: € 80
• Students regularly enrolled at the Universities of Bologna, Vienna or Trossingen:
€ 120 / € 60
• Students regularly enrolled at the normal classes of Marco Ambrosini, Michael Posch, Maria Luisa Baldassari, Mareike Greb or Lorenz Duftschmid:
€ 100/ € 50


• single room + breakfast: € 41/day
• double room with breakfast : € 33/day
• single room + breakfast + lunch : € 53/day
• double room + breakfast + lunch : € 45/day


In co-operation with:
C.E.U.B. Centro Residenziale Universitario Bertinoro,

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