Mareike Greb – Historical Dances

Mareike Greb

Mareike Greb works as a freelance dancer, teacher, musician and actress and lives in Leipzig, Germany.

After her ballet-training she began to dedicate to the historical dances and the historically informed performance at the age of 16. Beside her training in the ensemble “Tourdion” she studied with teachers like Lieven Baert, Véronique Daniels, Markus Lehner, Barbara Sparti, Kaj Sylegard, Béatrice Massin and others. Now she is leading several dancegroups, is teaching at several schools and performs as a soloist or with different partners in Germany or abroad.

Beside the practical performance she reconstructs historical dances and is doing further research in dance, culture and music of the renaissance and baroque times, since she studied theatre science, musicology and comparative literature at the University of Leipzig.

The knowledge about the historical facts and the knowledge about the rules of the stage join in her practical work to a performance which is historically informed, but also in balance with a modern audience.

 2012 she founded her own little theatre-company in Leipzig, which has a program of all times and sorts of stage-art, the WerkEnsembL.E.

2009 she published a book about the cultural research of the gaillarde in her early times, 2014 she published a limited reproduction about the music and musical notation in the 16th century as a part of an exhibition at the state museum in Halle (Saale).